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Exporting Reports to Excel
Date Created
5/7/2010 9:46:49 AM
Date Updated
2/11/2015 10:44:19 AM
How do I export my PigCHAMP reports to Microsoft Excel?
PigCHAMP Reproductive, Grow-Finish, and Farrow-to-Finish reports can be exported to Excel by following the steps below:

1.Open the processed report from the report queue.
2.Select the Trace List tab.
3.Determine how you want to export the data by selecting either Trace Data or Summary Data.
4.Click on the Excel Report icon located above the report screen.
5.Select the destination in which to save the report.
6.Name the report to be saved.
7.Click Save.
8.The report is saved as .csv and can be opened in Microsoft Excel.

The following video, Using PigCHAMP Trace Lists.wmv, provides instruction using trace lists in the PigCHAMP program. The video can be viewed in your Windows Media Player. It may take a while to download due to its size.

Please refer to the PigCHAMP User Manual or the help files within the program for written instruction.
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