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PigCHAMP Backup and Restore Process
Date Created
7/12/2007 4:14:53 PM
Date Updated
9/15/2014 9:18:34 AM
How do I backup my PigCHAMP database?
Unless you are a PigOnline customer, PigCHAMP does not house your backup! Backing up your data on a regular basis to an external device will allow you to quickly recover your PigCHAMP data in the event of a computer failure.

The PigCHAMP backup process is quite simple and easy to do on a routine basis.

See the document "PigCHAMP Backup and Restore Utility" for complete instructions on how to backup your PigCHAMP database.

PigCHAMP Backup and Restore Utility.pdf
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Important information about Windows 10

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