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Can I Create New Data Entry Fields in the PigCHAMP Reproductive module?
Date Created
10/24/2007 11:19:05 AM
Date Updated
8/15/2012 11:05:58 AM
There are variables that I would like to record during data entry. They are not currently available as Data Entry Field options. Is there any way I can customize the data entry fields to include user defined fields?
Yes! A unique feature for the PigCHAMP Reproductive module is the user’s ability to define what fields appear on screen, and the order in which they appear for each data entry event. Data Item Management will allow users to define the fields available for each data input screen, choose the order in which the fields will be displayed, and create user-defined data entry fields.

Please watch the following video, Data Item Management.wmv, for a quick demonstration on using the Data Item Management Function. You can view the video using the Windows Media Player on your Computer.

For a quick example of how to add available fields to the data entry screen, check out Adding Available Data Entry Fields.doc.

Please refer to the Data Item Management section of your user manual or the program's help files for written instruction.
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